Amazon Customer Service Jobs ! Part-Time Vacancies Customer Support Jobs in Canada, United States|Part-Time Jobs: careers are the most effective amongst customer service placement. Amazon is employing client service partners for lots of stores as well as outlets. Working in a hectic and dynamic atmosphere, the Amazon Client service group is constantly lifting the criterion on consumer experience by advocating and also developing for clients, and is a critical player beforehand Amazon’s supreme purpose of being the globe’s most customer-centric business. is using part-time, permanent, and also job-from-home tasks in the Client service category. If you are interested as well as experienced in this classification, you can get an interesting setting. Usually, the functioning hour for Amazon Customer care Jobs is 40 hrs a week. This is permanent work (40 hours a week). The common variety of arranged hrs each week is 40, with the possibility of working extra hrs weekly if there is a customer requirement.

Amazon Customer Service Jobs & Vacancy Opening

The delivery station in numerous areas needs numerous customer service partners at Amazon. Look for your most suitable place and send Amazon Work Application for customer service task vacancies. If you are qualified, you will be assigned for the vacant position.

Company Name: Amazon
Job Location: United States, Canada & Worldwide Openings
Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
Education: Equivalent +2, Diploma/Degree
Experience: Experienced are chosen
Salary Range: Competitive Salary
Employee Benefits: Attractive Job Advantages & Perks

General Responsibilities of Customer Service Jobs at – Online Form

As a customer care affiliate, you will certainly need to carry out the following responsibilities and responsibilities:

  • Reacting to and/or redirecting all consumer intensified e-mails and telephone calls.
  • Utilizing customer service skills to successfully address client issues.
  • Recognizing requirements and also providing punctual resolution to queries and problems.
  • Capturing and getting in information clearly and also properly.
  • Capacity to deep dive into information to locate issues that are driving consumer calls. Able to interact as well as provide these fads to supervisors as well as leadership to drive change.
  • Expressing versatility to fix issues and also offer remedies.
  • Keeping an eye on all client service difficulty tickets as well as solving them rapidly.
  • Reaching out to numerous various other groups to work with consumer impacted issues as well as finding resolutions.
  • Keeping an eye on vendor and consumer comments on numerous channels and reacting to adverse responses.
  • Full-time position, need to be able to function in different shifts, weekend breaks, and nights.


  • Bachelors Degree
  • 2+ years experience operating in customer service settings (Phone, Conversation, E-mail).
  • Capacity to navigate with numerous computer systems all at once.
  • Strong ability utilizing Microsoft programs; Word/Excel/Outlook.
  • Functioning knowledge of SQL questions and also information warehouse.
  • Self-starter, able to work both separately and as part of a group.


  • Consumer-oriented with demonstrated skills.
  • Ability to multitask, stay focused, and make tough choices in a rapid-paced setting.
  • Working expertise of SQL questions as well as information warehouse.
  • Can self-start and also preserve a favorable, upbeat mindset.
  • Solid interpersonal as well as business skills.
  • Solid written and also oral communications (email/phone).
  • Able to adapt to transform.

Most Current Amazon Customer Service Jobs, Careers, and Openings. is one of the highest possible paying businesses worldwide in regard to customer service links wage. Locate the currently available work positions of Customer Service at business listed below.

Amazon 4-star Lead – American Dream (Full Time)

Amazon Fresh Zone Lead – North Riverside, IL (Full Time)

Delivery Station Liaison – Full Time (40 Hours) – DDA9 – Fort Worth, TX, USA

Amazon Fresh Zone Lead – North Seattle, WA (Full Time) – $1,000 Sign-On Bonus

Just how to Get Business Client Service Jobs?

To start customer care vacancies, search for the very best position of passion. You can look by full-time, part-time, seasonal, places, business groups, job groups, or various other keywords. Or, you can directly use the links provided above in the openings table.

As soon as you discover one, click the “Apply Now” switch alongside the title of the duty at the top of the profession web page. After that, adhere to the job application procedure and directions on your screen. Either produce a new job profile or log back in if you have already produced it before.

Ultimately, send your job application, CV/resume as well as a cover letter to the HR manager. Careers Conveniences and Rewards

Amazon is a great location to function. The advantages of collaborating with go beyond engaging with outstanding individuals on exciting as well as innovative projects. The business also provides a detailed collection of benefits for you and also your qualified family members, such as cohabitants as well as their children. Health care protection, chances to save for the future, and various other services to increase your well-being are amongst these advantages.

Below are a few of the most attractive task benefits you will appreciate after joining customer care tasks:

  • Health care protection for staff members as well as their qualified members of the family
  • Health Interest-bearing Accounts (HSA).
  • Dental as well as Vision strategies.
  • Versatile Investing Account (FSA) for health and wellness and dependent care.
  • Amazon’s 401(k) Plan.
  • Fundamental Life and Accidental Fatality & Dismemberment Insurance Policy.
  • Temporary and Long-term disability insurance.
  • Restricted Supply Units (RSUs).
  • Work-Life Equilibrium.
  • Trip and also Paid Pause.
  • Fostering Support.
  • Pregnancy and Adult Leave.
  • Worker Price Cut.
  • Amazon’s Career Growth Opportunities.

Please note that’s benefits can differ by place, the number of on a regular basis set up hours you function, size of employment, as well as work standing such as seasonal or momentary work.

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