How to get jobs in Google. My Personal Story. Key Points to Remember.

How to get jobs in Google. My Personal Story. Key Points to Remember.

How to get jobs in Google. My Personal Story. Key Points to Remember. Getting placed in a big company is easy if you don’t make mistakes as most people make. If you continue to repeat the same mistakes again and again, you will never get the dream job you are looking for since your graduation. Let me tell you what did I do to get placed in my dream company which is Google. Let’s continue. If you like it, then don’t forget to comment and make me happy for sharing this with you all. You can also appreciate my article by sharing it with your family and friend, or with those in your circle that need it most. Apply Now

My Journey

How to get jobs in Google. Working in a Big MNC – Multi National Company is everyone’s dream, I can feel you all. I graduated around three years prior with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, and the lone thing I needed to accomplish was to work for Google. Before I graduated, I excelled in a Phone Interview which was done remotely, and was welcomed for an onsite interview at YouTube for a Junior Software Engineer position. I did the meeting, left inclination extraordinary about my presentation, and not very long after the interview I got a rejection notice from Google. I had to think for a lot of time and a ton of reflection to acknowledge what should I have done and what should not.

As it may sound strange to you, the interview at Google was my first physical Interview. I in a real sense had zero experience of the physical interview. Recalling it as of now, I did everything that was not supposed to do.

Let’s take an example, think you are in an interview and the interviewer asks you some random yet most important questions like: Tell us about yourself, Where do you see yourself in 5 years. What can you do to bring changes to our company? Now tell yourself how would you answer if you are giving the interview and listen closely how the interviewer interprets your answers. Most likely the interviewer is expecting the same answers but if you give them answers from outside the box then they will get impressed with you already which makes the interview easier for both of you.

Trying to get a job in big companies, I again gave an interview in a similar company, where I aced the virtual interview and nearly got the job. Then I told to myself that until and unless I am satisfied with my answers, I will not give another job interview. I bought a whiteboard and some books and kept on trying to ace my abilities. Hours and hours of continuous hard work, mental make-up, and calculations, promising myself not to make the same mistakes that I did in previous interviews. I went to the interview with full confidence and gave the interview impressively well since the last time. But again, unfortunately, I got rejected again. But this time I was not sad, rather I was impressed with myself for giving such answers confidently which boosted my morale ego and made me proud of myself.

After so many rejections, I settled myself with quite a popular tech company (I will not reveal the name for transparency). I was doing well in the company, making good money on the side.  After my day shift when I reached my flat I opened my Gmail to check the mail that I have missed, I got shocked to see one email from YouTube for a position as Web Engineer, and that, the project manager thought I was quite a solid match for that position. I trusted myself again and went for the virtual interview, which I aced as always (wink), and progressed to the physical interview round. I reached California, the headquarters of YouTube, and after 5 rounds of physical interviews, I got myself placed in google. I was so happy and proud of myself at the same time.  So this was my 2 years journey about all the problems I faced and how I aced it every time by learning the mistake I did in every last interview.

How to get jobs in Google. Are you ready to get placed or get an internship at Google? Let’s see what are the most basic things for you to do. Now let’s talk about what should you focus on :

Key Things that should be focused

  1. Interview Experience. The first thing you should know about getting jobs in big companies is that you will be needing great interview experience. The interview is all about experience and how you ace it every single time you give an interview in any job. The more you give interviews in several companies, the more chances are there for you to get placed. As per my experience, you should continue giving interviews even if you get placed in some companies so that you will know you’re worth. Then the remaining things will get easier for you when you ace the interview.
  2. Employ your interests as Your qualities. In my college days, I enjoyed front-end web development the most and even applied for the same position at Google. But with a curiosity for another language as well I pushed myself to learn c, c++, java, python, R, and assembly language. With time, I got myself quite good at all the languages as in every language, the basic logic was quite sane, and I just need to learn about the structure of the language and how to implement it. Though I am not saying all language logic is the same, it was similar. To become a pro in all the languages, I spent almost 8 hours a day aside from the job timing. I read books, and documentation and followed many online courses and tutorials.
  3. Latest and updated resume/ CV.
  4. Study certificates like transcript, migration, and provisional certificate.
  5. Cover letter, summary or easy about yourself, or some additional information that Google is asking for.
  6. Prepare for the most common interview question like, Why do you think you are the perfect candidate for this job. Tell us about yourself in 5 sentences. Are you a team player, explain? Why should we hire you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your skills? What are your strength and weakness?

Hope you all like my journey and the key things to getting placed on Google. Thank you for your time. It’s me Jack signing off. How to get jobs in Google.

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