Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

Job Details: Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

  • Company: Grizzly Trek Group Ltd.
  • Job Role: Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada
  • Location: Suite 400, 3115 12th St., NE Calgray T2E 7J2, Canada
  • Vacancies: 5
  • Salary: $20 per hour
  • Industry: Factory Company
  • Country: Canada


  • High School Level


  • 1–3 Years in Driving


  • English

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada. We are a credible firm serving the Ft McMurray (Ft Mac) location, focusing on the risk-free and also reliable transportation of goods. As our procedures remain to expand, we are currently seeking a competent Course 1 Truck Driver with Picker/Crane Operating experience to join our team. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada. As a Class 1 Truck Driver with Picker/Crane Operating experience, you will certainly be in charge of the transport as well as distribution of goods within the Fort Mac location. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada. You will certainly operate a Class 1 industrial vehicle to safely and efficiently transport various materials and devices to assigned places. On top of that, your function will certainly include the operation of a picker/crane to lots as well as dump freight as required. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

Duties: Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

  • Safely and effectively operate a Course 1 commercial truck to move goods as well as materials.
  • Lots and dump cargo utilizing a picker/crane, making sure correct protecting of the tons for transportation.
  • Examine vehicles prior to as well as after trips to ensure they remain in good working condition as well as report any flaws or breakdowns.
  • Follow established courses and schedules, while adjusting to any kind of modifications or detours as necessary.
  • Adhere to all web traffic laws, policies, as well as business plans to guarantee a risk-free driving experience.
  • Preserve precise documents of deliveries, gas mileage, fuel intake, as well as any type of cases or delays.
  • Interact properly with dispatchers, colleagues, and also customers to collaborate pickups, deliveries, and also deal with any type of issues. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.
  • Conduct routine upkeep as well as cleaning of the truck and picker/crane, ensuring they are in appropriate working order.
  • Stick to all safety procedures and guidelines to decrease accidents as well as injuries.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and trust, courtesy, and also outstanding customer service while standing for the firm.

Credentials and Skills: Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

  • Legitimate Class 1 business motorist’s license (CDL) with a clean driving document.
  • Tried and tested experience operating a picker/crane, with the ability to lots, unload, and also safe and secure freight properly.
  • Strong knowledge of web traffic legislations, policies, and also safety and security treatments.
  • Experience with the Ft McMurray (Fort Mac) location and surrounding areas.
  • Exceptional driving skills, including handling in various weather condition and roadway conditions.
  • Ability to manage physical demands related to loading and unloading freight.
  • Efficient communication abilities and the capacity to function independently or as part of a group.
  • Solid attention to information, with the capability to follow instructions and also total paperwork properly.
  • Flexibility to function varying changes, including weekends and also evenings, as called for.
  • Legitimate qualifications for operating a picker/crane, consisting of any kind of added safety training.
  • Prior experience in the transportation or logistics industry is an asset.
  • Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada. If you are a competent Course 1 Truck Driver with Picker/Crane Operating experience looking for a challenging and gratifying opportunity in the Ft Mac location, we encourage you to use. We offer competitive settlement, detailed benefits, as well as a helpful work environment. To use, please send your resume as well as references, showing your schedule and salary expectations. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

How to Apply: Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada

To obtain truck driver jobs in Canada, comply with these steps: Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

  1. Check qualification: Ensure you fulfill the necessary needs to work as a truck driver in Canada. These may consist of a legitimate work authorization, relevant driving licenses, and also perhaps particular credentials based upon the province you prepare to work in. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.
  2. Update your resume: Dressmaker your resume to highlight your vehicle driving experience, abilities, and any kind of relevant accreditations. Stress your driving document, years of experience, type of lorries you have actually driven, as well as any type of specialized abilities you possess.
  3. Acquire necessary licenses: Depending on the sort of vehicle driving work you’re interested in, you may need a business driver’s certificate (CDL) or various other specific recommendations. Confirm the needs for the placement you want to look for, and also guarantee your licenses are updated.
  4. Study task chances: Search for job openings on various on the internet job portals, business sites, or through recruitment companies. Also, take a look at local classifieds as well as neighborhood boards, as some companies might advertise there.
  5. Apply online: Send your application through the business’s site or the job portal where you located the listing. Affix your upgraded return to, as well as any other requested documents. Adhere to the application guidelines carefully as well as make certain all needed info is provided. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.
  6. Network: Connect with trucking market experts, participate in task fairs, or sign up with appropriate truck driver online forums or social media teams. Networking can lead to task opportunities and also give valuable understandings into the market.
  7. Plan for meetings: If your application is shortlisted, you could be asked for an interview. Plan for typical interview questions related to vehicle driving, safety and security, and managing various circumstances when traveling.
  8. Acquire a task deal: If you successfully pass the interview as well as meet all the employer’s requirements, you may get a work deal. Review the offer thoroughly, consisting of the compensation package and also any kind of additional benefits. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.
  9. Work license as well as visa: If you’re an international candidate, you’ll need a valid job permit and also potentially a visa to operate in Canada. Guarantee you have the required documents and allows before starting the task. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.
  10. Relocation (if essential): If the work remains in a various province or city, prepare for your relocation and take into consideration elements like real estate, transportation, as well as any other modifications needed for your move. Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

Keep in mind, the process may vary depending on the specific firm as well as work needs. It’s essential to remain upgraded with any type of modifications in migration legislations and policies as well. Best of luck with your truck driver task search in Canada! Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada.

Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada
Truck Driver with Crane Operating Jobs in Canada
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Job Category: Factory
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canada

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