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Applied Between Dec 01- Dec 20 2020

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Kim Luisa Hochstein[email protected]Kitchen Hand
Celine Findeisen[email protected]Dishwasher
Ashish Pokhrel[email protected]Kitchen hand
Agustina Coll Benegas[email protected]Receptionist
Jayne Fernandes[email protected]Cleaner
Adolfo García González[email protected]Dishwasher
Ronny Findeisen[email protected]Kitchen Hand
Tegan Wood[email protected]Waitress
Olivier ROGEZ[email protected]All rounder
Mikhail iolis[email protected]Event cleaner
Agueer Rual[email protected]Bartender
Naranjargal Nergui[email protected]Event cleaner
Rabina Prajapati[email protected]Barista
Marisa Afni Efll[email protected]Packers
Greta Halske[email protected]Event cleaner
Remold Fernando[email protected]Pastry chef
Chloe Kerr[email protected]Cleaner
Juremiah Lopez[email protected]Cleaner
Valentin Bareau[email protected]Picking/Packing
Michelle Biehl[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Sarah-Maude Vallerand[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Monika Mayer[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Sky Ross[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Felix Schlautmann[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Eva[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Asih Safitri Zainuddin[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Katie Lagan[email protected]Blueberry Picker
Davide Vesco[email protected]Farm Hand
Alexandre PARRIEL[email protected]Farm Hand
Sofia Larsson[email protected]Farm Hand
Rosemir Barbosa[email protected]Citrus Farm
Antoine Lenoir[email protected]Citrus Farm
Alex Henke[email protected]Citrus Farm
Marlies Streif[email protected]Vegetable farm
Alina Uhl[email protected]Vegetable farm
Luemmuk Rattanaphongthaworn[email protected]Vegetable farm
Megane Rocheteau[email protected]Vegetable farm
Faimafiliosamoa Fetuao[email protected]Housekeeping
Laura Diaz Lopez[email protected]F&B attendant*End of Result*


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