Hardworking registered nurse

I am applying to this position as I feel like I can bring to the Australian harvest labour a competent, enthusiastic and passionate personality, which will be likeable and approachable. I am hard working and ensure I can make the most out of my shifts (usually as a nurse); ensuring jobs are completed to a very high standard. I feel that I am always respectful towards individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and strictly adhere to all polices within the workplace. I believe that it is absolutely paramount that I am able to provide communication skills and able to work well within a team. Even though I know the importance of working in a team, I also recognise it is essential to work autonomously and be accountable for the tasks I undertake. I am keen to pursue training courses to further my skills and knowledge. This job will test my skills and abilities, however I am confident that I can meet these challenges

Last Resume Update April 26, 2020
Address Brisbane, Australia
E-mail chloebass1996@hotmail.co.uk
Phone Number 0447000919

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